Mobile Development – Native and Web Applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mobile user experiences must provide engaging, intuitive, and fast access to real-time information and media. We develop and design rich native apps and mobile web sites for the smartphone and tablet across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. Our goal is to create an incredible mobile or tablet application that meets the needs of your business and your users.

Mobile Capabilities

We streamline deployment and build a future-proof mobile product. Our DC-based team of
designers, strategists, and developers answer complex development concerns, such as:

Should you use a mobile site or a native app
to meet your goals?

How can you track mobile app downloads, clicks,

users, and other analytics metrics?


If you use a mobile site, how will it link with a new
or existing content management system?


How can you incorporate third-party functionality through SDKs and APIs?


Mobile Web & Native Application Development

Captivate your audience with an interactive iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app.

Latest UI Techniques and Gesture Interactions

Integration with New or Existing APIs

Mobile Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Mobile E-Commerce and Point-of-Sale Integration

Responsive Design & Mobile Website Development

Extend your brand to mobile web with an HTML5 experience.

Hand Coded Web Mark-up combinedĀ and
Front-End Libraries


Well versed in browser support for and compatibility
with advanced HTML(5) and CSS(3)


Experienced integration via modern
Web APIs

Tablet Sites & Apps

Create an engaging tablet app for iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or other tablets.

Scratch code web markup via HTML(5) or develop applications in Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android)

Dashboards and advanced data visualization

Understanding of unique tablet UI characteristics, gestures, and capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I create a native app or mobile website?

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Do you have any mobile work samples I can share with my team?


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