2FIVEK digital crafts premium solutions with gusto, precision, and creativity.

High-impact experiences for every platform and every device.

Our teaming of software developers, artists, and strategists bridge the gap between computer science and design. This pairing allows us to build an intuitive user experience that merges your business goals with the goals of your users for fantastic & effective results.

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Real Time data reporting & management from the field via the cloud.

Case Study: Mid-Atlantic Utility Locating

This line of business web application enables field technicians to upload mission critical utility infrastructure status to the cloud. Management and analytic functionality is provided through a responsive HTML5 dashboard to architects, engineers, and project managers in real time.

Cloud-based Apps

Leveraging data for actionable business intelligence with the power and reliability of the modern cloud.

We build products that work beautifully on every device.

Foundation Fitness

A ground up, responsive WordPress Theme. The strategy involved modern SEO and integration with back-office resources for enhanced user convenience features and streamlined administrative tasks.

Responsively Designed Products

High Impact web experiences products that will look great on any device, at any size.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your web presence noticed with our proven SEO methods for organic search results.

We solve big data problems for maximum business intelligence.

Case Study: Fluent Group

A true big data application enabling sophisticated market intelligence, staff management, and consumer analytics. This line of business application connects thousands of user data points and delivers a responsive HTML5 based BI portal.

Direct API Integration

Integrate popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce or any other application that exchanges data with your solution.

Data Driven Apps

We create apps that let you get the information you need to make better decisions quickly and easily.

Creating native mobile apps with the strengths of each platform.

Custom Mobile Apps

Universal experiences require enabling your product for every platform. We have the depth to help your solution realize its maximum potential on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Native Mobile Apps for Any Platform

Native apps utilize functionality that isn’t possible with a web-based application for the most smooth and polished user experience.

"They are ideation, innovation, and execution experts..."

Significant depth in the fundamentals and a philosophical commitment to innovation.

We are the team you want in your corner.

We design and develop custom software applications, enterprise websites, mobile applications, and large format multitouch experiences for Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies.

Code Conundrum? – We’ve got that.

Azure or Amazon? WordPress or Drupal? Python or PHP? Need an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone version? Google Apps vs. Office 365 for a secure BYOD transition, no problem. Our team has the breadth and strategic expertise to make it happen; quickly, cost effectively, and painlessly.

Most importantly we will deliver an end product that meets all business expectancies, maximizes the efficiency of staff, and delights users.

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